• What's a Niwuzzle?

    A Niwuzzle is a unique nine-letter word puzzle.

    Every Niwuzzle has a theme and consists of nine words, each hidden in a 3 x 3 grid. Hidden words can begin with any letter, but subsequent letters must connect vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

    Once a word is discovered the secret jumble letter in that word is revealed. When all 9 words are solved you move to the jumble stage.

    Solve the jumble to complete the Niwuzzle and win the admiration of your peers and incredibly attractive people everywhere.

  • And this is an App?

    Unfathomably exciting features include:

    - Addictive touch-screen word-solving mayhem.
    - Many, many hours of gameplay in categories like: Shakesperean Characters, Nine Different Letters, Rhymes with a fruit, etc.
    - Great word fun for kids (though not good for your ego when your 9 year old cousin thrashes your score).
    - Play and Pass mode allows for two contenders to battle it out for puzzle dominance.
    - Save your high scores as an eternal monument to your lexigraphical superiority.
    - Learn how to spell long words real good (Note: Not proven to improve grammar).
  • Did anyone who played this game actually like it?

    Perturbingly addictive fun. I was at a party the first time I played it, and I ended up in a corner staring at a phone. This is not typically how I party.

    Erin H.

    This iPhone App made a three hour car ride with Dan Carlson slightly more tolerable.
    Dave H.
  • I need some help.


  • Who made this?

    Dave Ellis is the creative genius behind the Niwuzzle puzzling sensation. Dave is a teacher and lives in small-town Ontario with his wife and two children. Email him your favourite 9 letter words at dave@niwuzzles.com.

    Dan Carlson created the iPhone App for Niwuzzles. He lives in rural B.C. with his wife and is really hoping it will stop raining soon. Nigerian royalty, send your lucrative offers to dan@niwuzzles.com.

  • Big Thanks to:

    Yes Nice for letting us use their song in our demo video. Go visit their website. Pick up the song "We'll call it home" from their iTunes page.

    Flashkit and Narfstuff for their great public domain sound effects (Flashkit web, Narfstuff web).

    Simfinger for the great tool for making iPhone Simulator Videos (Github)

    InAppSettingsKit for helping us make our settings pages more useable (website).

    Chris, Keith & Mark for their beta testing expertise and valuable suggestions.